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@neurIST contributes to a better knowledge of cerebral aneurysms and other diseases by:

  • Finding evidences of links between genomics and cerebral aneurysms.
  • Helping clinicians to take decisions and select more appropriate treatments.

@neurIST improves patient care by:

  • Identifying those patients with high risk of rupture by assessing a personal risk factor, thereby reducing the patient's operation risks and anxiety.
  • Improving personalised design of endovascular devices.

@neurIST results in major benefits to the healthcare system by:

  • Reducing healthcare costs through the suppression of an estimated 50% of unnecessary treatments. This save of the order of thousands millions of Euros per year in Europe.

@neurIST promotes and validates:

  • A new diagnosis and treatment paradigm extendable to other disease processes using complex data fusion, information extraction, processing and inferential deduction.
  • The use and development of bioinformatics, medical informatics and medical devices standards and protocols.