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@neurIST provides an IT infrastructure for the management, integration and processing of data associated with the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral aneurysm and subarachnoid haemorrage. This infrastructure :

  • Facilitate clinicians the diagnosis and study of the disease, as a result of providing a seamless access to patient data using data fusion and processing of complex information spanning from the molecular to the personal level.
  • Provide a better planning and personalisation of minimally invasive interventional procedures for patients, after linking modern diagnostic imaging to computational tools.
  • Collaborate in the development, extension and exploitation of standards and protocols at all project stages.
  • Share biomedical knowledge providing access to a set of software tools and platforms such as @neuLink, @neuFuse, @neuRisk, @neuEndo, @neuCompute and @neuInfo.
  • Create awareness through scientific dissemination and collaboration.
  • Explore the business opportunities directly arising from @neurIST.