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@neurIST Open Symposium, 18th September 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Having already spent 30 months of its lifetime, @neurIST Project has come out of the analysis, design and components' development period and is now in the final phase of system integration, deployment and evaluation.

To make this especially demanding, yet engaging phase more fruitful, share our experience and learn from other projects, we organised an @neurIST Open Symposium where all the projects from FP6 and FP7 in VPH community were invited.

The following three broad topics were identified where we think that exchange of thoughts and experiences could be beneficial for our project and the invited attendees.

1. Architectural, security, deployment and evaluation issues in IT systems, services and standards for heterogeneous data integration

2. Strategies for knowledge discovery, management and integration in multi-scale and heterogeneous biomedical data sources

3. Translation of Virtual Physiological Human concepts into clinical systems and services for disease understanding and interventional planning

In the beginning, @neurIST made a general presentation of the project, on our aims and challenges, the current standing point and future directions.  


Please select the sessions in the title bar to access the other presentation files etc. Only those got permission from the authors are placed on the site.