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@neurIST System Architecture

This deliverable provides a concise architectural overview of the final @neurIST system for the benefit of project partners and to provide external parties the necessary insights required creating a strategy for the deployment or development of similar integrated multi-site, multi-modal decision support and data analysis tools for attacking other healthcare issues in a clinical environment.


Prototype Requirements Document

The main purpose of this document is to describe the high level system requirements of the project


Cochrane Literature Review

The main purposes of these documents are a systematic review of systematic reviews. They outline the findings of good quality systematic reviews of studies of factors that might influence the risk of rupture of an intracranial aneurysm.


Global Schema of the Disease

The main purpose of this document is to describe the contributions of different activities to the global schema of the disease, aiming at establishing a unified view on concepts and their mapping to entities used in @neurIST databases and textual data sources.

@neurIST Complex Information Processing Tool Chain Data Analysis Protocol

The main purpose of this document is to describe the Data Analysis Protocol to be used to populate one of @neurIST databases with characteristic measures derived from the operation of the “Complex Information Processing” tool chain. Three processing chains would respectively provide morphological, structural and haemodynamic descriptors.