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First @neurIST Symposium on cerebral aneurysms PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anna Alsina   
Sep 05, 2007 at 09:37 AM
Barcelona - Pompeu Fabra University will host the first @neurIST Symposium in Barcelona on September 13, 2007. The goal of this one-day event, which will include oral and poster presentations, is to present the latest advances in the @neurIST project.

pompeu_fabra(1)Are hormonal contraceptives a risk in patients with cerebral aneurysms? How can computational modelling of cerebral aneurysm formation help in evaluating the rupture risk in a patient? Why is semantic mediation a necessary step in @neurIST? The symposium will provide answers to these questions, and several other topics such as the importance of linking biomedical literature to the disease, the role of computation of systemic haemodynamics, the need to access to depersonalized biomedical research data from a patient record over the @neurIST Grid, and new automatic methods for radiological image exportation from hospitals to research institutions involved in the image analysis of aneurysms.

The Symposium will bring together clinicians, biologists, epidemiologists, bioinformatics, ontologists and experts in genomics and proteomics from hospitals, universities and companies across Europe to discuss the latest achievements in their research within @neurIST. Institutions such as the Geneva Hospital, Erasmus MC, the Universities of Oxford and Sheffield, the Fraunhofer Institute, the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona and IMIM (Institut Municipal d'Investigació Mèdica), among others, will present hot topics in their research that will contribute to gain a greater insight in aneurysm understanding.

The @neurIST Symposium will be followed by several other project activities, including the Consortium’s General Assembly, demonstration sessions on ontology for clinicians and developers, a workshop on cerebral vascular disease ontologies, and an End User Workshop for clinicians, researchers and industrial partners from the project to test through software demonstrations the end user requirements of @neuLink, @neuFuse, @neuRisk and @neuEndo.

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